Listen to the combined talents of Phil Royal with musicians Icarus Peel, Crystal Jacqueline and others. . .

Phil’s experiences as a young hippy have been set to music and an album  – WAITING FOR THE LIGHT – will be released in November.

Leo O’Kelly (Tir na nOg):  “Fabulous! Beautiful! Wild! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this! This will be a classic!”

Johnny Dowd: “very cool buddy!”

The album is available for partial download and pre-ordering here.

And here’s the video.

You can also get a short sample of the album tracks on the links below.

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Click the title to read the song and hear a sample music file


oh, the impact of ageing . . .

Road to Glory

Setting sail for the land of dreams


Psychedelic brain formation


in memory of Bob Powell


Where are you going?

Bridge Street

Ode to Nizzer and Bob

Wild Rhythms

An out of body experience

Waiting for the Light

Being at the centre of the universe


Where have they all gone?

Mum and Dad

Our inner journey is taken alone

More Trouble

Visitors from outer space

We Play

Sexual jealousy is played out nightly


Haunted by past mistakes


Wise words that I couldn't quite buy

Heaven and Hell

The illusion of the afterlife

Innocence Redux

Innocence looks back

Calling Time

End of messages

Phil Royal – spoken word
Icarus Peel – vocals and all instrumentation except….
Crystal Jacqueline – vocals
Mordecai Smyth – Mellotron, electric piano
Jay Robertson – Drums
Andy Budge – Bass on More Trouble and Heaven and Hell
Nigel Wayne – Sax
The Crystal Sisters – Backing Vocals


  • All songs written by Royal/Peel
  • Mastered by RM Mastering
  • Cover design by Dale Simpson
  • Recorded at Hobbit House Studios, GWR Studios, Orange Haze Studios and Brazen Sound Studios, Exeter
  • Thanks to John Blaney of Mega Dodo Records

Dedicated to everybody who ever wondered what the hell it’s all about

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